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We don't just repair smashed phone screens. We can repair iPads, tablets, iMacs, laptops, smart devices and various components including batteries, charging ports and speakers. Most repairs are carried out on our mobile work van, at your home, work or place of convenience.
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Battery Problems
Most smartphones have Lithium Ion Batteries , which by their very nature degrade over time and cause your phone to drain faster.

We offer high quality replacement batteries, our iPhone and iPad batteries are RoHS compliant and fully CE certified unlike the copy batteries sold and fitted by many other companies. Apple do not sell parts to anyone, so if you are offered a “Genuine” replacement battery it will either be a copy, refurbished or used.


For Samsung, Huawei, Sony and other branded devices we can replace with genuine replacement batteries.

We are so confident in our batteries that they come with our “Lifetime Warranty”, so you can be assured your device will be back to full charge in no time.

Charging Problems
Due to the nature of charging, the port that you insert the cable into when you want to charge up your device, can wear, break or even become clogged up with dirt and lint from your bag or pocket.


We can replace the charge port on many devices on our mobile work vans, to get you back up and running. Even charging ports that are soldered to the main board of the phone can be replaced by our certified Microsoldering technicians.

Sometimes a device will stop charging or die and not come back on due to faults on the main logic board. iPhones and iPads can commonly suffer failure of a component referred to as U2 or Tristar, which prevents the device from charging or shows that it is charging but the battery never actually gets the power or increases in its percentage.


Our highly skilled technicians can identify these problems and advise you on how we are able to fix them.

If your device will not turn on, it may be a battery, charging fault or board level issue. Again our technicians can assess your device and advise of the cost to repair.

Let The Professionals Come To You
We can offer repairs to all sorts of device brands, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony and many more. Most repairs are carried out on ou mobile work vans at your home, work or place of convenience.
Whatever mobile phone, tablet or laptop you own, in unrivalled fast repair time we can get you back up and running.
Won't turn on

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