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We don't just repair smashed phone screens. We can repair iPads, tablets, iMacs, laptops, smart devices and various components including batteries, charging ports and speakers. Most repairs are carried out on our mobile work van, at your home, work or place of convenience.

Other Faults
At iDropped it we offer too many repairs to list them all. However, below are some examples of repairs we have completed, that might be similar to your own:

Common Faults

  • Faulty cameras

  • Cracked camera lens  

  • Speaker problems

  • Microphone issues

  • Broken home buttons

These are among the many parts that can be replaced on your device.


Board Level Faults
We also offer Logic Board repairs and diagnostics for issues that part replacements do not resolve. Examples of common logic board repairs are:


“Tristar” or “U2” charge chip replacement on iPhone, where your iPhone stops charging or reports errors like “unsupported accessory” when a charge lead is plugged in.


There are common Audio faults on many iPhones which prevent you from recording voice memos, using speakerphone or aren’t able to hear audio when on a phone call. The “Audio IC Fault” is common place in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models.


Also in some of the iPhone 6 models a well documented “Touch Disease” issue prevents the user from using the touch screen on the phone and sometimes gives flickering grey bars at the top of the screen.


We have vast experience solving these problems and in many cases these can be resolved on our mobile workshops, with no need to take the phone away for long periods of time. Should we need to take your device we aim to have it back to you as quickly as possible.

Book Your Repair Today
Don't wait any longer with your broken device, booking your repair takes just a few minutes. You can message uscall us or contact us via email. Visit our Contact Us page for more details.
Board Level

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