Liquid Damage

Rainwater, bathwater, swimming pool, toilet, sink or chemical toilet, don’t worry we’ve seen them all. The common factor is that electricity and liquids don’t mix well and will cause (sometimes irreversible) damage to your device.

At iDi we can treat your damaged device and give it the best chance of a full recovery. We do have good success rates, by treating the phone carefully, using special cleaning procedures and equipment we aim to remove as much mineral deposit and residue from the device as possible, giving it the best chance of long term survival.

As mentioned above, liquid and electricity don’t mix well and as such we can't guarantee your device once it has been treated. However, there is a good chance you will have plenty of time to backup those precious photos and hopefully see out the rest of your contract, without having to buy a new device.


Sometimes after treatment, the technician may identify further issues with the device. In these circumstances we can quote for either the additional parts or in some circumstances a board level repair and advise you of the best course of action. Some devices are only accessible by removing the screen and where the screen is adhered to the frame, its not possible to take them off without breaking the LCD. Our team will advise you beforehand if your device falls into this category and advise of the screen replacement cost in addition to the liquid damage treatment.

If unfortunately the liquid damage to your device is too severe or it is beyond economical repair, our data recovery service may help to retrieve all your photos and information.

Guide to Saving Your Liquid Damaged Phone or Tablet
1. If the device is still on after coming into contact with liquid, TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY if it is responsive. If it is not responsive but still on, leave it alone unless you can take the back cover off and remove the battery (This is not an option on most modern phones / tablets, don’t try to remove screws or glass covers yourself, you risk further damaging parts on the device).

2. Contact iDropped it on 0800 043 2744 to have a technician visit and advise you of our treatment and costs.

3. Drying the device in rice or any other method speeds up the corrosion process, please don’t try this, contrary to what you read on the internet.

4. Don’t be tempted to “try your phone/tablet out, it could be ok?”. Our technicians can advise you of the best course of action. As soon as you introduce electricity back to your phone by charging it or pressing the
power button you RISK destroying your device.

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